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Fifty reasons to join Forest Gate Community School

Think Fifty Shades of FGCS - We're appealing and we know it...

  1. We are one of the highest performing schools in the country - why wouldn’t you want to work in a school that can boast that?
  2. We’re rated Outstanding by Ofsted. Whilst they are the bane of every teacher's life - it’s great recognition of the hard work and efforts of our pupils, staff and community.
  3. We were shortlisted as a contender for the Best Secondary School at the 2017 TES Awards… we didn’t win it, but we’re still proud of our achievements and never complacent. We’re a school continually looking to improve the outcomes for our pupils and community.
  4. We won the Evening Standard’s Outstanding Achievement in Challenging Circumstances Award in 2017. Our staff don’t see challenging circumstances as a barrier to our ambitions and expectations for our pupils and community!
  5. On average, students at FGCS make one grade higher than expected in every subject - that’s real progress down to our dedicated staff.
  6. Half of our students achieved 3 or more GCSE A*/A grades, which is down to the high expectations of our staff.
  7. 1 in 5 students achieved 8 or more GCSE A*/A grades, as our staff push pupils to meet and exceed challenging targets.
  8. Over half of our students achieved grades A*/A (7-9) in English - the results speak for themselves!
  9. 31% of our students achieved grades A*/A (7-9) in Maths - that’s just under a third for those of you who like your stats in fractions!
  10. We challenge our pupils academically - this is evident in having sent several pupils to prestigious colleges including Bancroft’s School, Eton, Latymer School, Westminster School and Winchester College, in the past few years. We expect our pupils and staff to aim high!
  1. We’re committed to reducing teacher workload. We’ve cut down marking by 70% through our feedback initiative. No more lugging home whole class sets of books!
  2. We don’t do formal lesson observations. This reduces workload and stress for our staff. We support teachers to be and do their best, for our pupils and themselves #prideinwhatyoudo!
  3. We don’t expect formal lesson plans. We’d rather you spent that time creating exciting lesson resources to engage and educate our pupils!
  4. We listen to our staff! We have a regular “Change Request” standing item for meetings, where staff can voice any suggestions for improvement. It’s not just a fad, we actually listen and act.
  5. We provide our staff with an extra week off at Christmas (that’s three weeks off!), breaking up earlier so staff can reap the benefits of cheaper flights and travel… Those long haul destinations with winter sunshine now seem all that more attractive!
  6. Our staff also get an additional 3 days off by attending our bespoke Twilight training programme, with tailored training to suit staff needs dependent upon your role. We develop our staff as they are our most valuable asset (aside from the kids of course!)
  7. We have our own bespoke reporting system - the DPR - which allows pupils, staff and parents/carers to see exactly what pupils need to do in order to achieve their high target grades. It’s been designed by our staff with their input throughout it’s development. It makes monitoring learning so much more easier, quicker and meaningful. Everything we do and expect from our staff has a purpose, it’s not just data for the sake of data like many schools out there!
  8. NQTs can have an early start in July, giving NQTs time to settle in and be paid over the summer holidays! Kerchingggg!
  9. We offer all new staff a buddy to help them settle in. Alongside drawing upon your Line Manager’s support - you’ll get this informal support from your own buddy to give you advice and guidance if and when you need it!
  10. We recognise staff contributions and hard work with “Thank You” cards and “Shout Outs” in the staff room. We appreciate what our staff do and recognise it regularly… because we’re only as outstanding as our staff are.
  1. We’re conveniently located right next to Forest Gate station (TFL rail and soon to be served by Crossrail!) and a few minutes walk from Wanstead Park Overground. Say goodbye to long commutes!
  2. We’re merely a 4 minute train ride away from the shopping and entertainment in Stratford and only 25 minutes from central London. Ideal for after work socialising or a bit of quick shopping!
  3. We offer our staff an extensive range of personal benefits through Perkbox which is fully paid for by the school, offering you numerous discounts and freebies on meals, cinema tickets, shopping and much more! Save pounds all year round… what could be better?
  4. We offer our staff the Cycle to Work scheme - with the opportunity to buy a brand new bike tax free! Cycle off any excess pounds and get to work feeling healthier!
  5. We offer our staff free gym membership at our onsite state of the art gym and sports facility. Whether it’s getting back into shape for the year ahead or toning up a touch, you’ll walk out of your own personal club feeling that bit more fabulous.
  6. We’re a Healthy School - with our very own School Food Champion. We promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle for our pupils with various sporting clubs offered.
  7. We offer our staff a free healthy and nutritious lunch for the whole week in return for undertaking one lunch duty a week. It’s not quite Michelin starred food - but it’s pretty close thanks to Wayne and his team in the canteen!
  8. We’re conveniently located to the high street if you fancy popping out for lunch (Wayne and his team won’t be offended!) We’ve got some great local independent cafes and food joints offering great coffee and artisan foods, such as Cafe Familia and Corner Kitchen; along with a Greggs, Co-op and Subway, all within 5 minutes walking distance. We also have a great pub, The Forest Tavern, pretty much next door to the school - a great way to end the week!
  9. We offer our staff the Computer Share Childcare Vouchers scheme, where all staff are able to pay for their own children’s childcare, school dinners, music lessons and more, tax free using the scheme. Employees are exempt from paying tax and NI. You could save up to £100 per month.
  10. We are part of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme for teaching staff and the Local Government Pension Scheme for support staff. We will do right by you for your later years!
  1. We have a staff breakfast once a term, where we provide a celebratory brekkie at staff briefing.
  2. We have a track record of spotting and nurturing our staff’s talent and commitment. We offer fast career progression - 60% of our staff are promoted internally within three years! Those ‘Get Into Teaching’ adverts do have some truth after all…
  3. We’re the lead school of the Community Schools Trust MAT. Opportunities for promotion and staff development are inevitably going to arise as we expand. What’s that saying about being in the right place at the right time? Come join us...
  4. We have early closure at the end of each term, when we have a staff get-together to celebrate achievements from the term and say goodbye to any colleagues who may be leaving us!
  5. We have regular staff socials - which include drinks and nibbles for staff paid for by us. There’s nothing wrong with working hard and playing hard!
  6. We offer our staff an attendance and punctuality bonus, with staff having the chance of receiving up to £300 per annum for staff with 100% attendance and punctuality!
  7. We offer a Star of the Month award where staff can nominate a colleague who has been the Star of the Month. This comes with a small cash reward as well as the prestige of the award itself! Who doesn’t want to be a star?
  8. We offer our staff an employee assistance programme. We want our staff to be happy and their well-being is very important to us. Staff can always approach their Line Manager for assistance, but if they want they can also benefit from free confidential advice, support and counselling, 24 hours a day.
  9. Our staff get involved… we regularly hold charitable events such as coffee and cake mornings and even dressing up for World Book Day. We like to have fun whilst making a difference!
  10. We’re a school committed to equality and diversity. We don’t just say it, we actually do it. We have our very own Stonewall Champion on-site, and are committed to equal opportunities for everyone.
  1. We also stretch our pupils to become well-rounded individuals with our bespoke Big Question of the Week programme. This encourages our pupils to read, research and reflect upon weekly topical Big Questions to develop their social, moral, spiritual, cultural and political awareness.
  2. We have created a bespoke Master Mission Award, with three levels which pupils are encouraged to complete. Each level requires pupils to complete a number of tasks to extend their own learning, take part in enrichment experiences, challenge themselves and to serve the school community. We’re definitely not an exams factory!
  3. We offer our pupils numerous opportunities to go out on educational visits. From visiting Seville and Boulogne, to secret nuclear bunkers and watching West End theatre. We know that learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom! #Lifelonglearning!
  4. We’re regularly in the media - for the right reasons. From being written about in the Guardian, the Financial Times, and the Newham Recorder to being featured on BBC London News and Channel 5 News. The media is sharing what we’re doing, as clearly we are doing it right!
  5. We regularly hold musical concerts for our pupils to showcase their talents and a whole-school production at the end of the each year. We’re a creative school and welcome staff who think creatively.
  6. We have a proactive Parent Teacher Association and a Friends of Forest Gate Community School group - who help us organise events throughout the year, ranging from Winter Festival to Food Festivals. We connect with our community - as we are genuinely a community school.
  7. We hold regular coffee mornings for our parents and carers, to come in and have a chat with us about issues to do with education and schooling. It’s relaxed and it’s how we do things - with openness and approachability.
  8. Our pupils’ behaviour is great. They are eager to learn and with the right teachers with the right skills and outlook, can rise to the high expectations we have of them!
  9. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard - and a class set of mini-whiteboards. We don’t do fads, we do evidence-based learning and teaching. We’re open to new ideas, and will give things a go if it’s proven to make a difference to our pupils’ outcomes.
  10. And finally, our Leadership team is approachable, experienced, humble and lead by example. You’ll often see them “sweeping the sheds”. They don’t mind getting their hands dirty - and don’t ask staff to do anything they wouldn’t do.

This is our school...

Outstanding opportunities for staff and outcomes for our students

Our Outstanding Staff!

Here's what our staff have to say about working here...

I joined FGCS as a Maths and Computer Science teacher in July 2016 and was offered the teaching post following a successful PGCE placement at the school. I was recently promoted with a whole-school responsibility as Deputy More Able Student Leader, alongside my teaching role. I've found this has been challenging but satisfying and exemplifies FGCS perfectly as they challenge, develop and support staff to achieve their potential, which I've seen first hand since my PGCE placement here.

As a former FGCS student myself, it’s been a great feeling to come back here, albeit on the other side of the classroom, and give something back to my local community. The staff are friendly and helpful and there is a real team spirit and determination to do well. The students are generally well behaved and appreciate the school’s culture of high expectations.

I chose to work here because FGCS is part of my own personal history, but also because of the numerous professional development opportunities at Forest Gate. The training here is keeping me up to date with the latest teaching strategies.

I joined FGCS in April 2014 when I was on placement here for my PGCE. I've been here ever since! It was clear to me from day one that I shared the school's commitment to making a positive difference in the education and lives of young people in our community. The school is great at spotting and nurturing the talents of staff too. I was promoted to Head of KS3 English in 2016. I'm enjoying working here as I get to work with a dedicated team of visionaries with a shared set of values that permeates the whole school. At our school, staff and students alike continue their journey through inspiration and empowerment.

I started at FGCS in September 2015. Before I entered into teaching I worked for a number of years as an executive headhunter within London’s financial services, but realised I wanted to have a job which I found both rewarding and enjoyable. As such I embarked upon the Teach First programme and I was placed at FGCS. I'm delighted to have been placed here as working at FGCS allows me to be exposed to exciting and innovative pedagogy. The students are also a pleasure to teach and are dedicated, hardworking young people. The pastoral support pupils receive here is also impressive - with the well being and welfare of our pupils being at the forefront of what we do as a school. I've seen this more closely since being promoted to Head of Learning for Year 7.

I joined the school in 2014 as a trainee teacher. During my PGCE placement at FGCS, I was really impressed with the quality of teaching, the support from leadership and pupils’ positive attitude towards learning. I thought the school was outstanding and wanted to be a part of it. Here I am, three years later, having been promoted in 2016 to Head of Modern Foreign Languages. I absolutely love my job here because I feel that we really make a difference in our pupils’ lives both with a focus both on their academic and personal development. In turn that allows me to lead a department where my team are passionate about teaching pupils French and Spanish for their GCSEs, as well as for cultural capital and appreciation.

I started working at Forest Gate Community School as the Headteacher’s PA in April 2015. I chose to work here because I knew that I could do a good job of supporting the Headteacher and I instantly warmed to the school. I wanted to be part of the bigger picture and to help develop the school. Throughout my career journey we have gone from ‘Requires Improvement’ to achieving ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted and our students’ results are improving year on year, that is because of the contribution each one of us has made and I’m proud of that.

Since converting to a Multi Academy Trust I have been been promoted to the role of HR Manager alongside supporting the CEO. I enjoy working here because I like being part of a team that is dedicated and committed to helping our students achieve their best. I enjoy the daily challenges and I look forward to our future successes.

I chose to work here as I did not know a community school spirit could be so strong and make you want to give your best for the students. I started at FGCS in 2004 as a Foreign Languages Teaching Assistant and quickly realised how much untapped potential the students had to offer. In 2007, the school asked me to do my teaching degree with them and the journey just got better as I felt trusted and good enough to make a difference by helping the students realise that potential! After graduating and taking on various responsibilities, such as Head of Department and Advanced Skills Teacher, I was promoted to my current role of Assistant Headteacher. I am able to make an even bigger difference to the lives of such incredible students who are now so proud of the school they once did not value much! They feel valued and now they know they can reach for the best and this is my reward! My passion has continued to grow over the years because of my students. Having lots of responsibility is challenging, but I enjoy teaching these students so much that they make me find the strength to do it to the best of my ability every day! What I enjoy the most and I think lots of teachers at FGCS would agree with is the determination and resilience our students show! They inspire me!

I started working at FGCS in September 2008, having trained here as a trainee teacher in 2007. When the opportunity came up to return to the school I did not think about it twice. As a trainee I had a memorable time here and the support that I received was phenomenal. I joined Forest Gate Community School as an ICT Teacher. During my time here, I have been a Personalised Learning Co-ordinator, House Achievement Co-ordinator, Head of Learning and an Assistant Headteacher. I have had the privilege to perform many different roles here and over the years I have been fortunate to work with some outstanding teachers and leaders, each assisting me to develop my teaching and leadership skills. I absolutely love working at FGCS. Without a doubt the highlight is being able to work with such a diverse group of young people - they are absolutely fantastic to teach and work with. Our students here are well behaved, respectful and very articulate. Nothing gives me a bigger sense of satisfaction than seeing them develop into well rounded young adults and thinking that I have made a contribution in that process.

I started at FGCS in 2012 and I am the Associate Headteacher. I report directly to the Chief Executive and I oversee Forest Gate Community School.

I started teaching as a break between travelling in 2003. I worked in a North London secondary school on a temporary contract as an English teacher and very soon after starting I knew I had found my future career. I trained on the Graduate Training programme and was very soon Head of English. I decided that I wanted a change of role after a couple of years so I became Head of Learning at another school and was then promoted to Assistant Headteacher.

After having my two boys, I worked part time for a short while at the same school mainly teaching A-Level. I came to FGCS as the Assistant Headteacher responsible for English and then became Deputy Headteacher in charge of the day to day running of the school, safeguarding and pastoral matters. In September 2017 I was appointed to the role of Associate Headteacher. I chose to work here because I was impressed with the Leadership team and their vision for the school. I could see the school at the time had a lot of potential for improvement and I was keen to be involved in that. When I visited the school for the first time, the atmosphere appeared calm and personal. It didn’t seem like a sprawling building where nobody knew each other . The staff were friendly and welcoming. When I met the students, I was sold. They were polite, hardworking and eager to learn. They asked me questions about myself and even a simple ‘How are you today, Miss?' really made me see that these students cared about their teachers and wanted their teachers to care about them. I wanted to work with these students and this community from my first visit.

I still enjoy working with the students here at FGCS. After five years they remain the biggest selling point for me about the school. I enjoy the innovation of the staff in the school. We are always striving ‘to do things better’. I enjoy working with a dynamic group of staff who demonstrate leadership at all levels and who are 100% committed to the future of our school and students and developing their own careers. I enjoy the fact that after a lot of hard work, our results are pleasing and that we are recognised in the local community for our impact. I also like the fact, that no one is complacent, most of all the students. They all want to exceed the previous year group’s achievements. It keeps us teachers on our toes.

Other things contribute too. I like the fact we have systems and checklists for most things. It appeals to my sense of order and organisation. The canteen food is very nice and you can get a decent coffee nearby. These things are important!

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